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Our 37th Anniversary
MathTime Pro fonts now used in Annals of Mathematics


PCTeX 6 is Now Available!
We are proud to announce PCTeX 6 for all Windows versions up to Windows 11

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  • Be more productive
    • Spend more time writing
    • Spend less time with LaTeX markup
  • Editor has:
    • Spell check as you go
    • LaTeX command completion
  • Attractively priced bundles, with:
    • MathTime Professional fonts
    • Lucida fonts

68 Classical math fonts!
New Times-compatible math fonts by Michael Spivak of Publish or Perish. The design of this new font set began with user input. more >>
MathTime Pro 2 fonts offer classical math features such as custom designed large parentheses and large operators, separately designed fonts for sub/supersctipts, ... more >>
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MTPro2 Brochure – New
The 68 MTPro2 fonts – New


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Image:LQScover70.jpg LaTeX Quick Start guide
A great introduction to PCTeX and LaTeX! more>

Image:box.jpg PCTeX 6 Bundles
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Academic Pricing Available for Select Font Sets!

Complete font Set
Academic $79.00
(retail $149.00)

Academic $69.00
(retail $99)


PiCTeX & Table Manual - Easy to use table system
Draw pictures & plot graphs. more>>


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