The MathTime Professional II Brochure

This 2-page brochure describes how MTPro2 fonts:

  • Are easy to use — add one line to your LaTeX or TeX source file and your document will appear with MTPro2 fonts.
  • Give your documents a classical mathematics look — slanted radicals and large parentheses and braces up to 4 inches high, and more.
  • Blend well with Times and other classical fonts.
  • Have three design sizes for each typeface for more professional looking sub/superscripts.
  • Have dozens of new symbols, many of them suggested by MathTime Professional users.

The 68 individually designed fonts of MathTime Professional II

To make a listing of the MTPro2 fonts:

  • Print the two pages from the 68 MTPro2 fonts PDF file.
  • Join them side-by-side to make a double wide page.

The table shows the MTPro2 fonts, for both the Complete and Lite versions. Each font is shown in its three design sizes across the two-page table, except for the large operator and extension fonts which are shown in an abbreviated form.