Characters jumbled/missing when printing

PCTeX32 v3.x Corrective Font Set

Some of the fonts that came with PCTEX32 v3.x do not print correctly on a small number of certain printers. These problems have been corrected in the font set offered here. This update contains the current, problem-free font set, for users who have complications viewing or printing DVI files showing jumbled characters, or missing characters (especially the HP DeskJet, or OfficeJet line) (This solution does not apply to green (missing) characters.) Simply run the "ttfonts.exe" program, and point it to the TTFONTS subdirectory (if you installed into the default subdirectory it would be C:\PCTEX32\TTFONTS.) It will overwrite the malfunctioning fonts, and your problem should be gone the next time you open PCTEX32.

Download ( the corrective program, "ttfonts.exe" (1.9MB).

Keywords: v3, fonts, printing