Green text or font missing/corrupted

When I view a DVI document the text appears green on my screen or PCTeX32 tells me "... Font is missing or corrupted ...". Furthermore, equations aren't recognizable and ligatures (such as 'fi', 'ffi') show up strangely.

Green characters, and the "Font is missing or corrupted message" signify that the correct font is erroneously loaded on your system. Since the appropriate TeX font is not available, PCTeX will substitute an existing font (typically Times New Roman). Since this substitute font is not what is expected, the resulting output appears flawed.

You should correct this condition in one of two ways:

  • Open the Windows Control Panel, then open the Fonts folder. In the fonts folder, make sure you are viewing Details. Push the button at the top named Size. Delete all fonts with Zero (Ok) byte size. Close the Fonts window and the Control Panel window, and restart PCTeX.


PCTeX version 3.x: Since this version uses dynamic font loading, the fonts are not permanently installed in Windows. Font substitution could result if the dynamic font list (stored in the PCTEXW32.INI file) was lost or damaged. A backup of the vital section is stored in your installation directory as PCTEXW32.SAV. To repair your INI file:

  1. Open PCTEXW32.SAV from your installation directory in a text editor (use Notepad, WordPad, or the PCTeX editor). Choose Select All and Copy from the edit menu.
  2. Open PCTEXW32.INI from your Windows directory, and scan through the file for a section starting with either "[ttfonts]" or "[FontList]". If such blocks exist, remove the block up until the next empty line.
  3. Place the cursor at the bottom of the file, press return once to generate a blank line, then Paste in the block copied from the SAV file.
  4. Save this file. Your problem should be resolved the next time you start PCTeX.

Keywords: v3, green, fonts, corrupted