How do I install MathTimePro 2 or Lucida fonts in TeXShop and OS X (MacTeX or gwTeX)?

Note: The directions below are for MacTeX or gwTeX installations under OS X. If your installation uses teTeX please see Installing under teTeX. Also consider joining the TeX on Mac OS X mailing list (].

1. Copy the contents of


into the directories:

For MacTeX:


For gwTeX:


2. Run the following command (you will have to enter an administrator password to use sudo)

  sudo texhash

3. Add the map file.

For MathTimePro II, run

  sudo updmap-sys --enable 

For Lucida, run

  sudo updmap-sys --enable 

4. For MathTimePro II, it is recommended to remove the belleek Times fonts

  sudo updmap-sys --disable 

(Thanks to Herb Schulz of the TeXShop wiki (

Keywords: mtpro2, install, fonts, nonpctex, MacTeX, gwTeX