How do I spell check in different languages?

PCTeX Tip: Spell checking in different languages

With the latest update (June 2007) it is possible to do spell checking in various languages. To set up spell checking, open the document in PCTeX. Then select Insert..Language. The first part of this wizard allows selection of hyphenation patterns and other language-specific features.

The second part of the wizard allows selection of the spell check dictionary. Once selected the dictionary will be remain as the default for the document. If you have other documents in different languages, use the Insert..Language wizard to select other language dictionaries. The dictionaries available are:

american deutsch polish
brazilian ellhnika portugues
british espanol romanian
bulgarian finnish russian
catala francais slovak
croatian italian slovensko
czech mlatin sorbian
dansk nederlands svenska

While editing a document the spell checker will highlight misspelled words or words that are not in its dictionary. You may also perform a spell check on the document using Edit..Spell Check (or just press F5). The title bar of the spell check dialog will show which language dictionary is being used.

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