How do I install MathTimePro 2 fonts in PCTeX

To use MathTimePro 2 Lite or Professional with PCTeX 5 or PCTeX 6:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of PCTeX. To do this, choose "Check for Updates" from the Help Menu.
  • You may need to have Administrator privileges or log in as Administrator to install the fonts on some Windows versions
  • Download the MathTimePro 2 package and save it on your computer.
  • In Explorer, double-click on the downloaded file ( or
  • PCTeX will open and display the new package in the Package Manager.
  • The package should install automatically. If it does not install, click "Install" to complete installation.
  • Documentation for the MathTimeProfessional 2 fonts is located in (pctex)\texmf\doc\fonts\mtpro2, where (pctex) is the install path (by default C:\Program Files\PCTeX\PCTeXv5).
  • For sample usage, in PCTeX choose File..New, and choose the template LaTeX Article MTPro2Lite.

To use MathTimePro 2 Lite or Professional with other TeX systems, see non-PCTeX installation instructions.

Share your comments and questions with other MTPro2 fonts users at the MPPro2 forum.

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