How do the Lucida fonts offered by PCTeX differ from the Y&Y fonts?

Are the Lucida PostScript fonts (pfb files) supplied by PCTeX the same as the Y&Y fonts?

Yes, the pfb's are identical to the latest font set sold by Y&Y.

What is the relationship of the lucimatx package to the lucidabr package?

The lucimatx package is an updated set of macros which replaces the older lucidabr and lucbmath packages. It is a complete system for using Lucida math and text fonts and operates more like a modern LaTeX package. The new lucimatx macros are fully compatible with amsmath in LaTeX, and have many new options and features which make using Lucida fonts easier and more versatile. The lucimatx package was developed by Walter Schmidt.

What is the relationship of the metric, vf, and map files you supply to those in the CTAN bundle at /fonts/metrics/bh/lucida (

The Lucida font support files --- the font metrics, virtual font and map files --- were developed for the PCTeX Lucida font package by Walter Schmidt and are also available on the CTAN site.


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