How do I install the Lucida Fonts Macros?

These instructions cover installing the lucimatx macros only. If you ordered this product, you must already have a license for the complete set of 41 Lucida fonts. This font set was formerly sold as Lucida "Expert" by Y&Y or Blue Sky, and is also available from other sources. The list of required files is shown below.

  1. If you are currently using Lucida fonts in a TeX system that has TDS trees such as MiKTeX, proTeXt, or TeXShop, you may skip this step.
    • Locate the Lucida font files. Check that you have the complete set as shown below.
    • Copy these files to your localtexmf directory: localtexmf/fonts/type1/bh/lucida/
  2. Proceed with the following directions, and this will complete the installation:

Installing Lucida Fonts in MiKTeX

Unzip the texmf directory from into your localtexmf directory, and copy the templates directory wherever you want to. Edit localtexmf\web2c\updmap.cfg and add this line:

    Map #localtexmf\dvips\lucida\

Then run updmap (or mkfntmap or initexmf --mkmaps) and refresh the file name database.

This should work on most modern TeX systems. If you don't have updmap, you may try to manually add "map" to pdftex.cfg and add "p" to

(Courtesy of Helmer Aslaksen (

The complete set of Lucida font files

lbc.pfb    lbki.pfb   lbmdi.pfb  lbms.pfb   lbtbo.pfb  lfr.pfb   lsr.pfb
lbd.pfb    lbkr.pfb   lbmdo.pfb  lbmsd.pfb  lbto.pfb   lsb.pfb   lstb.pfb
lbdi.pfb   lbl.pfb    lbme.pfb   lbr.pfb    lbtr.pfb   lsbi.pfb  lstbo.pfb
lbdsc.pfb  lbma.pfb   lbmi.pfb   lbrsc.pfb  lfd.pfb    lsd.pfb   lsto.pfb
lbh.pfb    lbmad.pfb  lbmo.pfb   lbsl.pfb   lfdi.pfb   lsdi.pfb  lstr.pfb
lbi.pfb    lbmd.pfb   lbmr.pfb   lbtb.pfb   lfi.pfb    lsi.pfb

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