Unable to use PostScript fonts

Why am I unable to use the PostScript fonts that I installed on my computer in PCTeX32 v.3.x?

PCTeX32 is able to use PostScript fonts. Before it is able to utilize them, however, they must be installed in Windows' fonts directory in True Type format (there are many programs available for converting from Post Script to True Type). Once this has been successfully accomplished, one may generate the appropriate TeX Metric File (TFM) for any one of the True Type fonts in Windows' fonts directory. In PCTeX32, in the "Settings... TFM files..." menu, simply press the "Generate TFM File and Decimal Map" button. Select the font you need, press "OK", and PCTeX32 will do the rest. The TFM files, give PCTeX32 metric measurements of your font's characters, which help with proper typesetting. Don't forget to write down the font's 'code name' that PCTeX32 has given your font, which is shown in the corresponding DVI file, in the upper left-hand corner. For future reference, it will be listed by code in the "Settings... TFM files... Added Fonts" window.

Keywords: v3, postscript, fonts