Problem with BibTeX and long filenames

I'm using BibTeX under Windows 95 or NT, and it doesn't behave correctly with long filenames or in long filename directories.

The BibTeX program provided is a DOS executable, and thus does not recognize long filenames. It is recommended that you not use long filenames when working with BibTeX. Advanced users may circumvent this problem by doing the following:

     Open a New Document in PCTeX (by selecting New from the File Menu.
     Type the following (replacing C:\PCTEX32 by your installation directory,
if different, and C:\TEMP by an appropriate TEMP directory):
         COPY %1.AUX C:\TEMP\BIB.AUX
         COPY C:\TEMP\BIB.BBL %1.BBL
         COPY C:\TEMP\BIB.BLG %1.BLG
         DEL C:\TEMP\BIB.*
     Choose Save from the File Menu. Specify C:\PCTEX32\BIBTEX.BAT as the filename.
     Configure this Batch file as a tool with the following entries:
     Menu Text: &BibTeX
     Program File Name: C:\PCTEX32\BIBTEX.BAT
     Parameters: %d\%f
     Working Directory: C:\PCTEX32

Keywords: bibtex, file names, v4, v4.2