How to use PCTeX from the command prompt

I'd like to use the typesetter from a command prompt. What is its usage for INITeXing and Typesetting?

The typesetter can be run from a command prompt as follows:

ptitex &format documentfile -pi=inputpaths -pt=tfmpaths

where format is either plain, amsplain or latex, and documentfile is the directory and name of your document (.TEX extension optional).


Typeset the MATHTEST.TEX sample:


Typeset the ARTICLE.TEX sample:


Note for Windows NT, 2000, or XP: Since the command prompt in these versions reserves the ampersand symbol ("&") you must enclose the format in quotes:


You may run the typesetter in INITeX mode by appending "-i" to the command line. In addition, you may specify a list of search paths for input files with -pi= followed by a semicolon separated list. The search path for TFM files is similarly specified by -pt=. These search paths will be saved in the format file, and will be searched whenever that format is used. Examples for INITeXing the Plain, LaTeX, and AMSPlain formats are given below:

   ptitex plain \dump -i -pt=c:\pctex32\wintfms;c:\pctex32\amstfms
   ptitex latex.ltx -i -pi=c:\pctex32\latex2e;c:\pctex32\amsltx12 
   ptitex amsplain \dump -i -pi=c:\pctex32\amstex 

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