Using REVTeX with PCTeX

REVTeX is a set of LaTeX-based macro files that can be used to prepare a physics manuscript. The latest version of REVTeX is a cooperative product of the American Physical Society (APS), American Institute of Physics (AIP), and Optical Society of America (OSA).

Click here ( to install REVTeX v4 (August 2001). Once the files have been copied REVTeX is ready for use.

See pctexv4\latex\revtex4\ for documentation and samples.

The following instructions show you how to set up REVTeX 3.1 for use with PCTeX32 for Windows and LaTeX2e.

  1. Create a C:\REVTEX directory and copy all REVTeX files into it.
  2. REVTeX was originally written for LaTeX 2.09 (included in PCTeX v1.x for
Windows). To use REVTeX 3.1 with LaTeX2e, save the following as REVTEX.CLS, and
place it in your C:\REVTEX subdirectory:
%%%%  Start of file revtex.cls %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%% This file allows REVTeX v3.1 to function correctly under
%% any releases of LaTeX2e. Put this file wherever
%% revtex.sty is. Continue to use \documentstyle{revtex}
%% (with the correct options) and REVTeX will run normally
%% in compatibility mode. Thanks to David Carlisle for
%% pointing out this fix. 
%%%%  End of file revtex.cls %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  3. This will allow you to run REVTeX 3.1 in LaTeX2e's compatibility mode.
Run PCTeX for Windows and select "INITeX" from the "Typeset" menu.
  4. In the "INITeX" dialog box, check "LaTeX" and then append ";C:\REVTEX" to
the end of your existing "Path to input files", and then click INITeX.
  5. Then using REVTeX is as simple as using \documentstyle{revtex}. For more
information on the use of REVTeX, please refer to the included documentation 
and sample files.

Download REVTeX 3.0 ( from the American Institute of Physics.

Important Note: This information and link are shown here as a courtesy to our customers only. Personal TeX, Inc. does not support REVTeX. Download and use this system at your own risk. Please read all the "readme" files very carefully before downloading.

Keywords: v4, v4.2, revtex, APS