PCTeX can't find files in directories with long names

I installed PCTeX into a long filename directory (such as "C:\Program Files\PCTEX"), but the typesetter can't find any of my documents.

Due to constraints within the typesetting system, you may not use a directory name containing spaces with versions of PCTeX previous to version 5. The common installation directory, "C:\Program Files\...", should not be used. We recommend that you use the supplied default directory of \PCTEX32 or \PCTEXV4. Users who wish to use long file names have found that underscores (i.e. "C:\PCTEX_WITH_SPACES") function well in place of spaces.

You should uninstall and reinstall your product into an appropriately named directory. Also make sure that your TeX documents are not in a directory with spaces such as "C:\My Documents" or "C:\Documents and Settings".

Keywords: v4, v4.2, directories