MathTime Professional 2 Fonts Updates

It has been nearly three years since MTPro2 was first released. During that time a few small bugs have been discovered and fixed, and a few symbols and characters have been reworked.

Below are two update file sets, one for MTPro2 Complete and the other for MTPro2 Lite. These are supplements to the original release of MTPro2 and are not complete installation images. In other words, if you do not have a copy of MTPro2 installed already, do not use these update sets.

To install these updates:

If you are using PCTeX, download the appropriate file and open it in PCTeX. This will install the update automatically.

If you are not using PCTeX, download the appropriate file and then follow the instructions found at font installation.

MTPro2 Complete update v2.1 (

MTPro2 Lite update v2.1 (

Release notes


  • Fixed bold right paren --- lower right portion missing
  • Fixed centering of some wide math accents
  • Fixed \rbrace bug with straightbraces and morphedbraces options


  • Fixes for \ccases and other small bugs


  • Added fatter dotless i, j (suggested by Jarmo Niemelä, University of Tampere, Finland)


  • Added \altI, an alternative capital i, in the mathscript alphabets
  • Added new fonts and options for straightbraces and morphedbraces


  • Brace size problem fixed
  • Fixed disappearing brace problem, as in

$(T_0 N^2/g)\LEFTRIGHT\lcbrace\rcbrace{\dif (r\hat{\psi})/r \dif r}$

  • Wide math accents with LEFTRIGHT alignment problem fixed


  • Several fonts updated


  • Updated mt2bbds.pfb (fixed filled-in B)


  • Fixed a problem with \LEFTRIGHT so that it works with \lbrace, \rbrace, \{ and \}.
  • Added curly braces up to 4 inches high
  • Added \ccases to use large curly praces, similar to \cases
  • Added options to allow straight braces or morphed braces
    • straightbraces option uses straight-edged braces always
    • morphedbraces option uses curly braces for small sizes and straight braces at large sizes
    • curlybraces is the default option and uses curly braces always
  • Improved the macros to select the size of \big delimiters;
    • note that this may cause formulas to require a different amount of space, as compared with the previous package version.