Lucida Fonts

Lucida is a family of harmonized typefaces that includes a variety of styles: seriffed and sans-serif, roman and italic, normal and bold weights, scripts, blackletter, icons, and symbols. This extra-large family of type styles is often called a "super-family" or "extended-family" because it extends beyond the usual font family that contains just roman and italic, normal and bold. Because of the richness and variety of its different styles, Lucida allows new forms of typography for electronic communication, printing and publishing. Between all the different Lucida styles, the capital heights, x-heights (height of a lower-case x), and main stem weights are coordinated. Lucida makes it easy for users to achieve variety and harmony by mixing and matching different fonts in the same text and page. The designed coordination of so many different styles means that when different Lucida fonts are used together, the effect is lively and interesting but without the confusion of randomly mingled and uncoordinated fonts.

[Excerpted from notes © 1992, 1997 Charles Bigelow & Kris Holmes]

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Lucida fonts for PCTeX.

Charles Bigelow

Charles Bigelow is the co-designer, with Kris Holmes, of the Lucida family of fonts. In the 1980's and 1990's he was a professor of digital typography at Stanford University and is a co-founder of Bigelow & Holmes Inc.

Kris Holmes

Kris Holmes is a calligrapher and lettering artist who has created over 100 typefaces, including the extensive Lucida family co-designed with Charles Bigelow. She also designed the popular script faces Isadora, Apple Chancery, and Kolibri. She is president of Bigelow & Holmes Inc.